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3 male skater models wearing Meaningless Ritual graphic t-shirts streetwear

One of the best parts about any creative endeavor is meeting like-minded people, creating something together, and building a community. Got something in mind? DM us on instagram @meaninglessritual or send us an email at info@meaninglessritual.com.

Specifically, we're most interested in connecting with artists and designers, small bands doing cool shit, photographers, writers, poets, rappers, skaters, tattooers, and cinematographers. Let's support one another. Let's build something together. Let's put out a compilation. Let's make a zine. Let's work on your album art. Let's connect. Hit us up.


To be clear, a collaboration is not offering to post a picture for money. Just because you bought fake followers and fake yeezys doesn't mean you're an "influencer." It's nothing personal, but we get a lot of these types of messages and don't always have time to respond.